Adultpassionplace Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my picture privacy

Under your tab at the top right corner of your page you will find a tab called privacy. This will allow you to determine who can and can't see aspects of your profile including photos. This is for your basic photos and there is a separate private photo albums that allow you to choose who sees those photos in a different menu. Please note that everything you post on the internet is easily obtained by anyone who really wants to get it, and you have to take that into account when posting anything anywhere. That is why we suggest you watermark every image you post, on this or any site.

Can I post videos

Right now you can only embed videos from other sources. We are working on upgrading this feature.

Are the Hotel Parties and Meet and Greets Part of APP

Through their history the hotel parties have been linked to Adult Passion Place, more because of the overlap of owners of the site, and organizers of the parties.

This will no longer be the case though there will continue to be a close working relationship between the two entities.

Meet and greets will be under the website's control, unless there's notification that they aren't. The meet and greets will remain open to anyone.

How do I contact Admin by email?

If you are not able to message the Admin profiles you can also message admin at Adultpassionplace@telus.net or adultpassionplace@hotmail.com.  Please note that some emails go straight to the junk email and we can take a day or two to find them.  You can also make a note in the shout box that you need to contact us and we will send a message when we see it.

Please notice you can also click on the Contact us at the bottom of the page.

Where do I find who has viewed my profile?

On the My Dashboard page is where you will find who has viewed your profile.